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Auto Sliding door
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Auto Sliding door

●Auto sliding door is suitable for spaces with limited room.

●Equipped with a synchronized motor control system, the auto sliding door provides effortless and quiet operation. 

about Lingshuang Refrigeration

Premium quality since 1994

Changzhou Lingshuang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is a comprehensive company integrating design, development, production and engineering trade. After more than 20 years of diligent exploration and efforts, now Lingshuang Refrigeration has many high-quality brands, such as Lingshuang, Changshuang, and CHANESHUANG. Its booming business has spread to more than 10 provinces in China, and its products that are widely known are sold to many countries at home and abroad.

As a professional Auto Sliding door Manufacturers and Auto Sliding door Company, Lingshuang Refrigeration mainly engages in cold storage plates, cold storage doors, fully enclosed all-in-one machines and semi enclosed units; Cold storage design and installation,fresh-keeping cold storage, refrigeration, cold storage engineering series are the main business of frost refrigeration, and all kinds of products, specifications and models are available. At the same time, it also undertakes various kinds of vegetable cold storage, fruit cold storage, medical cold storage, explosion-proof cold storage and cold storage maintenance business.

Honor & Certificates

Lingshuang Refrigeration attaches great importance to product R&D and innovation. From design to production, from production to installation, it has independent intellectual property rights.

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